Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Annual Meeting this Sunday

See for annual meeting happening this Sunday.

Ripped from Roxy's email ...

Hello members,

Just a friendly reminder about the THOR annual members meeting. Come and find out about all the new and exciting things happening this year including restructuring how trail days are scheduled, the new Trail Design Team and that latest on IMBA's visit to our area.

We encourage you to renew your memberships at the meeting. Plus, orange shirts and black shirts will be available for purchase, $10 each. Only a few sweatshirts are available, $25 each.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and to the 2009 trail season.

Sunday, March 1
Confluence Conference Center

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow Riding at Manawa

For you that are getting singletrack withdrawal, head out to Lake Manawa. The trails are in great shape and the lots of fresh snow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Economic Recovery Bill

Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects in the Economic Recovery Bill???

The House and the Senate have each passed their own version of the Economic Recovery Bill, aimed at creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Both bills include billions for transportation infrastructure, but only the House bill includes funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the Transportation Enhancements program. The House bill includes approximately $1.35 billion for Transportation Enhancements of which 50-60% is traditionally spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects. The Senate bill does not explicitly include Transportation Enhancements, so it’s unclear whether this funding will be in the final bill.

We need to make sure Transportation Enhancement funding is in the final bill.

This week there will be a conference committee where several members of the House and several members of the Senate will work together to reconcile the two bills. Conferees need to hear that Transportation Enhancements are important to stimulating the economy, creating green jobs, and moving us towards a sustainable future.

Please call your senators and representative and ask them to tell the Conferees to support Transportation Enhancements in the Economic Recovery bill. Tell them:

· Bicycle and pedestrian projects create jobs at the same or better rate than highway projects.
· These smaller projects can move quickly to hire local businesses and help local economies.
· Providing safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access gives families healthier and cheaper transportation freedom and choice.
· Improving sidewalks and bike lanes can make a downtown a destination further helping the local economy.
· Better biking and walking options also help ensure greater energy independence, less pollution, and a healthier United States!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hey guys, just got back from Chicago and i took some pics of the Plainfield Skills Area down in the Joliet area. Pretty neat place. It gave me alot of ideas that could be used for the Tranquility BSA.

I also went out for a walk at Tranq this morning and got some pics of the dirt removal. If they are done by April and level things out, we should be ok as far as re-routes go. South hill descent is definetly a no go for now tho...

Pics are on my blog: