Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tranquility - Temp closed blue section on north descent

I closed the blue section on the north hill descent today to continue working on it. If things go well, i'm hoping to have it open again by mid August. Had a chat with a designer on the berms and i am going to give his ideas a shot...

The berms that a roughed in are not fully packed and cut in yet, so please do not ride them. This will destroy the berms and lengthen the time the section is closed...

Trying to finish my original vision for the section. Should be sweet when done!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

calvin crest reroute and signage

This was the reason for the reroute.
Besides saving all that sawing, the reroute stays on higher ground at the bottom of the bluff, skipping the muddy areas and the higher plant growth. Had a mtb camp out there for middle schoolers last week and one of the sessions was putting in the reroute.
Also added some more orange tape at beginning kiosk and in the cedar trail where 3D archery has atv trails (wider, and fall line). Stay with the orange flags and the occassional arrows before and after intersections.
The knot of the orange tape is the side of the tree where the trail is.