Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Manawa Trails Good to Go

After 3 long evenings of trail work, the trail leaders pronounced the Lake Manawa trails Race Ready. There will be no need for a Thursday evening work session. Thursday Night Ride will not be disturbed by trail workers.

Thanks to everyone that came out to help whip the trail into shape. Several spend many hours working at other parks and helped at Manawa. We had several first timers. We welcome you and thank you for your help. Hope to see you again. We encourage you to join THOR. Some came to work 2 or all 3 evenings. Thanks for you dedication.

The trails were mowed and trimmed. Branches were lopped. Some mud pits were filled in. Log crossings were staked and checked for sturdiness.

Thanks again those that attended the work nights. Those that did not make it out, we hope you see to helping another day, We always need the help. It takes many volunteer hours to THOR maintain the trails.

Monday, September 21, 2009

good first day of work at manawa

Nice turnout Sunday afternoon for trailwork at Manawa. Steve, Tom, Todd, Angie, Andy, Martin, Paul, and Dale were sawing, moving limbs, lopping, weedwacking, fortifying ttfs for 16 work hours. Steve had put in 4 hrs earlier in the week with the DNR's rider. Thanks guys.

The top of the trail corridor has been raised so nothing should be on the helmet or face. No 2nd Chance still has a 2' diameter tree diagnally through the corridor causing one to duck. I good chunk of trail east of the parking lot was wacked.

Steve said there is still trimming that can be done Monday night around and near the parking lot after a rain. And there is more wacking needed for Tony's Playgound, the Landing, No 2nd Chance, either tonight or Tuesday night.

Steve will be at Manawa at 5 Monday night (tonight). If you can help for an hour or two, that would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

tree farm in tranquility

All those trees planted on the southhill are part of the Walt Mertz Tree Farm. They were kind to work around our trail so in years to come, we will have more shaded trail to ride!
The sign is right off the Inner Loop Bypass. Just a reminder to stay off the road between the tree farm and creek, rather ride the ILB instead in either direction.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Upcoming Manawa Work Days

Manawa work days are has followed....Please plan on attending at least one day!
Large areas will already be cut before the 20th by the mower to cut down on the work loads.
Sept. 20, Sunday, 5 till dark, trim weeds back, cut any branches and remove them.
Sept. 21, Monday, 5 till dark, trim weeds back, cut any branches and remove them, start on any low/muddy areas.
Sept. 22, Tuesday, 6 till dark, finish any work.

Sept. 24, Thursday, 6 till dark, work on any areas that need it, and ride the course.

Drinks will be provided all days, met at the red truck in parking lot, bring your tools that your need for the days you plan on coming, don't have tools we have you covered just show up with the heart to work! Many riders in the past have brought their bikes to ride back to the sections that need to be worked and have saved time.

Please tell your friends and help get the word out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Head Knocker at Manawa

Received from a Trail User,

Watch out for a low hanging limb in the black section of Manawa until further notice.

Trail leader notified.