Wednesday, July 29, 2009

successful trailwork at L&C

Josh came out early at 4:30 and weedwacked the needed areas. Seems someone(s) have been doing some trailwork down there previously so it wasn't in really bad shape. The rest of us took loppers, shears, a shovel, and mclintock and brushed out the trail corridor - removing the bunji sticks on the Neverest reroute, new growth and a lot of suspended dead limbs were also removed.

Had several new faces and we really appreciate their participation in maintaining a trail they ride. Several are THOR members and several are not. Thanks for giving your time and passion Russell, Tyler, Nick, Brett, Joel, Steve, Dale, and Josh! About 17 work hours were put in.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Race Prep Trail Day @ Tranquility

Hello All,

We will be having a trail day at Tranquility on Tuesday Aug 4 to prepare for the race on the 8th. If possible, please bring weed eaters, lopers and rakes. I will have a couple weed eaters/rakes to loan if needed. As always, please bring fluids to drink and long pants and bug spray are recommended. Thank you for your time and efforts to keep our metro trails in excellent shape throughout the season!

Please rsvp in the comments if you can lend a hand.

Tranq Trail Council

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tuesday at Lewis and Clark

We’ll need weed eaters and loppers. This will be a maintenance trail day to manage the vegetation growth. I'll get over there early and get started. I'll meet people in the lot at 6pm and give an update of what and where we need it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday Trail Day for July 14th Swanson/Tranquility

Hello everyone,

This time around the TTD is for Swanson and Tranquility on July 14th. Both trails are in need of a trim. Please meet at the trail head at 6pm for Tranquility and 5pm for Swanson. Work time is usually around 2 hours depending on the amount of people. If you show up after 6, just follow the sounds of weed eaters to locate the work crews. Long pants are suggested along with bug spray. Please rsvp in the comments if you can help out and tell us which trail you will be heading to.
We thank you for your time and efforts to keep our trail system in pristine shape!

For more information on upcoming trail days, Check out the Trail Day Calendar

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Manawa Trail Days

This will be a weekend of trail work at Lake Manawa.

Friday (10th), Sunday (12th), Monday (13rd) 6-8pm

Tools needed: Weedwackers, Loppers, Pruners
Bring bug spray, long pants, gloves.

THOR will provide Gatorade.

Friday evening, Trail Leader Steve will be mowing the trail. Anyone else that can attend can help with the other work needed.

Sunday and Monday evening will be for trimming the trail. We also have a tree over the trail and a branch that partially blocks the trail. Steve has the chainsaw needed and man the saw.

The trails have become somewhat overgrown. We need to trim the trail - below, along the side, and overhead.

A good turnout will help getting the trail back in shape. Please RSVP in the comments section of this blog posting.