Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 men and a mower

Got a flat tire about 7:30 Saturday night at Tranquility. Had to leave Tigger on the trail overnight till we could get a tube Sunday.

Between Paul's floor jack and Dan's van jack, we wrestled with keeping Tigger from rolling down the hill. After the third time of rejacking, success. Thanks to these guys taking time out of their holiday weekend to help maintain trail and equipment.

Just like the rite of passage fixing a bike flat out riding, so with Tigger. Learned to check the tire pressure more often; not to drive on the flat tire; metal bike tire levers will take a mower tire off the rim; block wheels when jacking; don't slime a tubeless tire, tire patches won't stick afterwords.

Finished the Inner Loop and mowed finish area for STXC. Guys out riding had to push their bikes because so muddy in flats. Monday mowed Meadows, Southhill Descent, and Southcreek Flats. Paul wacked through the trees along the creek Sunday. Will need to increase the frequency of mowing with the rain and heat.

Monday, May 23, 2011

teen serve working tranquility

Want to thank Teen Serve for helping with trailwork at Tranquility last Friday. The soaking rain the night before changed the tread work agenda to branch trimming and trash pickup in the Fort St Loop.

The trail corridor width is now from tree trunk to tree trunk.

Each of the workers got a THOR business card for working the trail and finding other trails.

Phyllis, the Teen Serve coordinator, appreciates the opportunity THOR provides for the teens to work on trails. She hopes we have work for them in the Fall too.

Friday, May 6, 2011

First THORsday Night Ride a Success

Thanks to the awesome THOR Social Committee the first THORsday Night Ride was a success.

About a dozen riders rode the primo trails (thank you Paul and Co) and celebrated under a fingernail sliver moon with a coronas, 5-gallon jug of margaritas and a roaster of fajita meat. Folks did a great job of finishing off most of it!

 Join us for the next THORsday Night Ride on June 16. Place TBD.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lake Manawa Clean-up

Last Sunday was Lake Manawa clean-up day. Steve and I attended for THOR. The turn-out was lower than previous years.

As normal, we concentrated on the river boat ramp/mountain bike trail area. We had a crew of about 7. The crew (plus 2 that left early) is shown in the photo. We picked up a truckload of trash.