Monday, March 31, 2008

Lewis and Clark

There are some sizable trees down at Lewis and Clark, we are trying to plan the best approach to these new obstacles in regards to concerned trail users and residents. Please encourage riders and trial users to not widen or create new trails, if at all possible please dismount your bicycle and go over the obstacle until other solutions are made. We want to preserve the image and rapport THOR has with our land managers and all trail users.

Joshua W.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Swanson Update 28 Mar 08


Still soft in areas so tread lightly when you see damp soil.

The area just before and just over the big bridge in the gully is very soft.

The most damp place is the far side of Tetanous Ridge on the new section cut in during November, please try to keep it down the middle and don't go much farther right. Need to keep the trail in one spot as much as possible.

Very warm today and some areas are actually dusty and need to be packed down.

Overall the trail is slow but will get better as the season drys it out and it packs down from all the freeze thaw cycles.

Horses have been in the main park area. If you see them politely remind them they are not allowed in the main park trails.

Paint ballers have vandalized the first new marker we put in. Shot the letters off the Trail Head marker

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sun Apr 6 - Tranquility Trailday

13:00 - 15:00 or so.

Rode Tranquility for the first time since last November. Not in too bad a shape. See some have cleared down trees already.

Work list:
- clean up trash - adjacent fort st and feeder creek are the main trash collectors.
- armor mud hole on north creek trail just sw of current armoring.
- clear wooded trails of eye pokers.
- use hula hoe's to take off outer edge of sunken singletrack
- divert water from downhill drop on prairie hill
- divert water off abandoned trail at ice rink
- install trailmarking posts

Bring bike and shoes for a post work lap to enjoy the fruit of our labors.

Though not necessary, please reply if you plan to help.

Thanks, Dale - interim tranquility trail leader

tranquility was rideable wed night except --

for the trail on the north side of the feeder creek. that had about four or five spots that looked like martin's pics and worse.

don't know how today's rain affected the trail. in any case, use only the trail closest to the farmhouse from the fort st parking lot for the near future.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Swanson Park Trail Update 24 March 08

Currently Swanson Park trails should not be ridden. Please do not try even though your probably suffering from cabin fever like the rest of us. Many parts are still very very soft and extremely damp making the trail very subseptable to rutting damage...which a few inconsiderate folks have already started to do for us.

With the warming trend this week and good solid winds the trail "may" support riding this weekend if we get a reprieve from anymore moisture.

Riding the edges trying to avoid wet or soft areas leads to more erosion and widening of existing trails, enough areas are turning into double track now.

tranquility not rideable

checked monday afternoon. frost coming up. probably 50% of the feeder creek section is slimed.

Wilderness Park still a bit soft, but probably ridable

Hey everyone! Just a quick note about the current trail conditions at Wilderness Park in Lincoln. The trail was a bit soft a few days ago, but the gusty winds, ample sun and lack of precipitation over the weekend should help dry it up. There a still a few spots with standing water at the usual spots. Also, expect downed branches due to the strong winds today.

Tomorrow night the MWC Tuesday nighter will probably head out there. I'll try to get an updated trail report after the ride.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Welcome to the new T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect) trail blog. The blog is a effort to replace the bulletin board which was spammed regularly.

The intention is to post current trail conditions, trail day announcements, and other information of interest to the membership. For collections of photos, please send them to the webmaster to be included on the web site. Here's a link to the T.H.O.R. web site.

To start, board members, officers, and trail leaders will able to post to the blog. Blogger allows up to 100 contributors. While we would like to add all members to the list, that would be difficult to administer. If you wish to be a regular contributor to the T.H.O.R. blog, please contact the webmaster for an invitation.