Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks to the Volunteers at Manawa

Trail Leader Steve sends... Thanks to all that came out to support 5hrs worth of work at Manawa today! Lots of sticks, limbs and trees moved out of the way. Probably rideable this weekend if it continues to dry out.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

THOR to be at UP's Earth Day Event

THOR will have a booth at this year's UP Earth Day event.

On April 13, Union Pacific will be hosting an Earth Day education event inside their headquarters at 14th and Dodge. THOR volunteers are needed to man the booth in one hour shifts from 10 am to 2pm. We will hand out brochures, maybe hold a raffle to win a prize, but mainly we want to educate the public about who we are and hopefully acquire new members.

If you have ideas or can volunteer contact Roxy at roxzanne dot abbott @ gmail dot com

Swanson Trail Building Day 9 April

Hey All,

New trail building at Swanson on 9 April, 8:30am start time in the parking lot.

The city has asked us to reroute the entrance to the trails starting at the parking lot going all the way back. We will put in a new trail adjacent to the pavillion going all the way back to the single track.

Bring clippers, rakes, and other dirt working tools...and some gloves.

Probably some Smoked Meat following.

Contact Frank for details. Frank.Olson@cox.net

Manawa Trail Day

29 March at 3:30pm.

Please meet at the red truck in the Manawa trails parking lot.

Goal is several trees need to be removed and some stick removal in Tony's Playground and the Wood Chopper areas.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kids Rodeo April 16

THOR is heading up a kids rodeo event at Adam's Park. This is the same park where THOR built new single track last spring along with IMBA.

Several booths will be set up for kids to bring bikes for simple maintenance, safety talks, and trail education. 

Other organizations have joined in the fun: Activate Omaha, the Community Bike Shop and the YMCA are all participating to offer the kids a fun-filled day. Please join! 

If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Dan Christenson at poloscab@yahoo.com

Monday, March 21, 2011

tp north starting to take shape

Great turnout for less than 24hrs notice. Thank you guys and gal for changing your plans so quickly to help bring the trail in north Tranquility Park closer to reality: Eric, Susan, Mike, Dave M., Dave N., Paul, Michael, Todd, Brian, and Chris.

I was with the sod cutting crew working the out and back trail along the Big Papio Creek between Fort St. and the the wetland doubletrack north of the baseball diamonds. Eric called in some markers for access to a great 16" sod cutter.

With 6 people in about 20 work hours, we cut a mile of sod and pulled it off to create the tread! I, for one, am still sore the next day.

On the westside, Paul took these pics clearing the dead branches in order to create the trail corridor. Those 5 got in about 15 work hours along with assorted scratches and at least one puncture.

For those who need more advanced planning, this Sunday, 03.27, starting at 13:00 will be another trailday at north Tranquility. This will involved finishing the westside trail corridor and raking the multiple inches of leaves off the tread.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

trailwork at tranquility tomorrow (Sunday 3.20) at 13:00

We have access to a sod cutter and plan to cut sod on the north side of Fort St. Will meet in the far north baseball parking lot at the NE corner.

Will have 3 or 4 people, one to run the cutter, and two or three to throw the sod out of the trail corridor.

We also have work on the west side, cutting dead limbs and clearing fallen limbs, brush piles through the evergreen trees.

Please bring hand saws, mcleods, no power equipment. We don't want to upset the homeowners with lots of noise.

Any questions, email or call Dale.

teen serve cleaning adams park

Yesterday, took six volunteers from Teen Serve to help pick up trash in the trees along the trail and the rest of the upper tree terrace to the west of the community center where the trail currently turns around. We cleaned this terrace all the way to the playground and started into the lower terrace.

We got 12 bags of trash, 2 tires, and a dog kennel in 21 work hours.
Trail is walkable, rideable, though leaves have piled up and need to be raked off the trail in the first couple of tree sections.

Trail Conditions

Over the last couple days there have been trail condition updates on Facebook. Here's what has been reported:

Tranquility: Open
Swanson: Open
Lewis & Clark: Open
Lake Manawa: Open
Platte River: Too soft/muddy

Tread lightly. There may be soft spots in the trails. Rain is forecast for this evening - get your dirt fix in today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tranquility is open for riding!

Checked a couple spots on the trail this morning. Still has some wet areas but with the warmth and wind, it is time to open the gates and ride!

Please stay on the the tread through the wet areas as this will dry them out more quickly. Also the tread feels soft from the frost breaking it up. Riding the tread will help pack it down and minimize erosion from the thunderstorms.

So ride Tranquility to do your part to pack the tread!

PS. This does not mean the other trails are also rideable.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tranquility Update

No good news yet. Trails remain too muddy to ride. With the race season rapidly approaching, many are itching to ride some dirt. Please be patient and let the trails full dry out before riding. We will keep checking the trails and give the all clear when they are ready to ride.