Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tranquility is open for riding!

Checked a couple spots on the trail this morning. Still has some wet areas but with the warmth and wind, it is time to open the gates and ride!

Please stay on the the tread through the wet areas as this will dry them out more quickly. Also the tread feels soft from the frost breaking it up. Riding the tread will help pack it down and minimize erosion from the thunderstorms.

So ride Tranquility to do your part to pack the tread!

PS. This does not mean the other trails are also rideable.


mtbkr said...

Rode Swanson today, it's rideable but tread lightly.

dale said...

Saw some pics of TP and I jumped the gun opening the trail Wednesday. mea culpa

That's what I get for not riding the entire trail and just spot checking a couple places.