Friday, January 23, 2009

tp excavation pics

Thanks for the excavation pics Paul. Stakes in pics 7, 10, and 13 look close to the trail. If the stakes are the edge where the dirt needs to start sloping down, heavy equipment will probably be turning around over parts of the trail but the trail may not need rerouting.

We'll see how things develop.

P.S. You can also see how wet the trail is when temps are above freezing. So for now, please ride cement or gravel when the temps are warmer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tranquility park excavation

From City of Omaha:

Just wanted to inform you of some dirt removal just to the north of the Koch Tennis Center. A contractor will begin removing dirt within the next week or two for a Public Works project. Approximately 15,000 CY of dirt will be removed. Surveyors will be flagging the limits of the cut so we have a better idea of the area being disturbed as well as how the dirt removal will affect any mountain bike trails in the area. Please let all bike riders to the trails know that this work will be starting up shortly. The excavation work should be completed by April, weather and site conditions permitting.

Once the limits have been flag we can see if any adjustments to any of the trails in this area are needed. Please let me know if you see anything that needs to be addressed. Thanks.

Dennis, park planner

So Tranquility trail users, be aware of dump trucks and heavy equipment around/crossing the South Hill Descent and South Creek Flats. Please stay out of their blind spots, give them space and a friendly wave!

2009 Annual Meeting

This is a save the date reminder about our annual THOR members meeting. This is where you'll hear a wrap up of 2008 and learn about all of the exciting things THOR will be doing in 2009. The biggest being that IMBA is coming to our area. That's right! Our fearless (and fast) leader, Kent, applied and won a grant through IMBA. But I have to tell ya, folks, it's bigger and better than just a trail care crew! But, you're just going to have to attend to find out all of the dirty details. In the meantime, think of a friend who would like to come and invite them. With what's on our horizon, the more the better.

Here are the details for now. Look for an email about a week ahead of the meeting that will have an outlined agenda.

When: Sunday, March 1
Time: 2-4 pm
Where: Confluence Conference Center, 505 Cornhusker Rd., Bellevue (same place as last year)

We plan on having more THOR wearables on hand to purchase and this would be a good time to renew your memberships.

See you in March.

:dale - snipped and updated from Roxz' email.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Manawa Trail Conditions

Several riders were at Manawa yesterday. I returned this morning for a short ride (legs are tired from the ride yesterday).

Mornings are the best to ride at Manawa right now. The the snow is crunchy from the overnight before freezing temperatures. As you can see, the trails are in good condition (so far).

In the afternoons, specially with the sun like today, the packed snow of the trail will get soft. The "warm-up" side double tracks has issues as much of the trail does not have a well packed riding surface.

Guessing that we have a couple more days of these riding conditions. Get out and ride! Rumor has it that some are riding tomorrow morning about 8:30 (its a federal holiday).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Manawa Trails

Better than Swanson right now because there is less ice, but there is still ice to watch out for.

Have fun

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swanson Snow and Ice

Rideable? YES, use caution and good judgement.

Let lots of air out of your tires and be very careful of down hill or off camber turns in the trees or anywhere you can build up a little speed.

Thin snow over ice is the conditions I would call it. Whole trail is rideable.

If your sliding or spinning let more air out of your tires and please try not to lock up and slide your tires. When you slide you expose the ice beneath making it no fun next time around.

Couple people in there earlier today. By the looks of things they were sliding all over the place due to high tire pressures.

Once I got my pressures right I didn't have to walk a single hill.

Have fun.