Sunday, January 18, 2009

Manawa Trail Conditions

Several riders were at Manawa yesterday. I returned this morning for a short ride (legs are tired from the ride yesterday).

Mornings are the best to ride at Manawa right now. The the snow is crunchy from the overnight before freezing temperatures. As you can see, the trails are in good condition (so far).

In the afternoons, specially with the sun like today, the packed snow of the trail will get soft. The "warm-up" side double tracks has issues as much of the trail does not have a well packed riding surface.

Guessing that we have a couple more days of these riding conditions. Get out and ride! Rumor has it that some are riding tomorrow morning about 8:30 (its a federal holiday).

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NaugaBike said...

The temperature yesterday got too high. From what I could see, much of the trail is now ice. Enough that I will find other place to ride today (probably pavement).