Monday, April 27, 2009

Trails Closed Notice

Due to wet conditions, all THOR trails are closed until further notice.

Riding the trails when wet causes serious damage and more work for everyone, so we encourage all trail users to not ride wet trails. If there is anytime you're not sure, test ride some of the trail first. If you start seeing tracks, you've already damaged the trail, and that's when you need to stop.

If parts of the trail are rideable and some are not, either 1) ride through the wet stuff - this keeps the trail from getting wider from riders going around or 2) get off your bike and delicately walk around. I promise you won't lose an ounce of fitness and you'll set a good example for your buddies. If anything, you'll earn karma points.

Trail Leaders, please post in the comments as conditions change.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Branched Oak Area 7 Trail Day Tuesday April 14th

There will be a trail day on Tuesday April 14th at Branched Oak Area 7. A couple of folks will be out there most of the day working on the trail, but the organized trail day will begin at 6 PM and continue until 8 PM. Feel free to bring a bike if you like, but there may not be much daylight left after 8 PM.

Friendly reminders:
  • Wear long sleeves and pants for protection from critters and poison ivy/oak/sumac
  • Wear eye protection
  • Bring some leather work gloves
  • Bring sunblock and bug spray
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks (hydration packs work great!)
  • Bring some tools (loppers, bow saws, pruners, rake, McLeod, etc)
Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Trail Day Tuesday at Lake Manawa

When: Tuesday, 4/14
Time: 6pm-8pm
Where: Trail Head parking lot
What: Repair motor bike ruts, rake, prune, build log over in the black section
Bring: Hard rakes, McCleods, loppers, leaf blowers

The main goal is to repair the ruts. Unfortunately a motorbike went through on wet trails last month. Will also need 1-2 folks to help trail leader (he will have the saw) to cut deadfall trees.

Please RSVP via comments to this posting.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Platte River Trail day

We will be out at platte from 12-3 on sat April 11 for trail work. If you can make it out bring shovels and McCloeds. The gully needs some attention. The rest of the park is in great shape, so bring your bike and ride after.
Meet at the Wild Turkey parking lot at high noon.
RSVP if you can.
Platte Trail Crew

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Trail Day Tuesday! L&C

Josh will be out at L&C tonight, hosting his spring clean up. 

Rakes are badly needed and loppers. Since it wasn't ridden much due to the land ownership issues last year, it needs some lovin'. Only a couple branches down so just need to rake or leaf blow.

Meet at 6pm in the parking lot. Entrance is where the old loop ended.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Branched Oak Area 7 - Lookin' good!

Photos courtesy of Craig Schmidt.

The trails are really coming along at Branched Oak Area 7 thanks to the hard work of Craig Schmidt and Sean Hansen. They've both put in well over 100 man hours in the past few months designing, cutting, re-routing and grooming the trails. They've added a couple of miles of singletrack to boost the total mileage to 5 per lap. Craig and Sean have established a relationship with the Parks and Rec representative responsible for Branched Oak and have been told the trails will be mowed by the Park throughout the Summer.

Check out the trails on Saturday at 1000 AM. Craig will be out there and a small group from Lincoln might make it out too.