Thursday, April 2, 2009

Branched Oak Area 7 - Lookin' good!

Photos courtesy of Craig Schmidt.

The trails are really coming along at Branched Oak Area 7 thanks to the hard work of Craig Schmidt and Sean Hansen. They've both put in well over 100 man hours in the past few months designing, cutting, re-routing and grooming the trails. They've added a couple of miles of singletrack to boost the total mileage to 5 per lap. Craig and Sean have established a relationship with the Parks and Rec representative responsible for Branched Oak and have been told the trails will be mowed by the Park throughout the Summer.

Check out the trails on Saturday at 1000 AM. Craig will be out there and a small group from Lincoln might make it out too.


NaugaBike said...

Great job! Lots of work done there. Thanks for the efforts.

Anonymous said...

we have a trail day scheduled for 5/31/09 at 9am. we will be adding the trail markers and people who show will be able to put in their 2 cents and 2 new sections we want to add. will need weed whippers, mowers, loppers and people. work should only take a couple of hours and then we ride. craig