Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tranquility Trail Day March29, 2009

Tranq trail day was a huge success! Nineteen people came out to get the trail ready to ride again. The drainage issues have been repaired on the inner loop descent. Add 3 re-routes, 2 alternative lines, a dozen water bars, edging, trash pick up and everything else completed to make a very productive day. Thank you to everyone that worked today!

The trail day for Tranq and Swanson on Tuesday March 31st has been cancelled. Tranq is set and Swanson is in excellent shape as well. Let's ride!

Tranquility is open!!!!!!!

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Phil said...

Nice work on the trail to everyone who contributed there time and effort! I've ridden it a few times since and it looks and flows great! Sorry I couldn't help that time, but will do so the next time work doesn't hold me captive. Thanks for all the hard work!