Monday, March 24, 2008

Wilderness Park still a bit soft, but probably ridable

Hey everyone! Just a quick note about the current trail conditions at Wilderness Park in Lincoln. The trail was a bit soft a few days ago, but the gusty winds, ample sun and lack of precipitation over the weekend should help dry it up. There a still a few spots with standing water at the usual spots. Also, expect downed branches due to the strong winds today.

Tomorrow night the MWC Tuesday nighter will probably head out there. I'll try to get an updated trail report after the ride.


NaugaBike said...


Thanks for siging up. I just sent the invites - then saw you added a post. Right now I am updating the THOR web site for links to the blog.

See you on the trails or at the races.

crewcabrob said...

Thanks for the new blog guys! Is the old forum done for? I've tried to monitor it over the last few weeks to see if anyone would open it back up and we could start posting information about the trails.

Glad to see we have a new way to track it.


NaugaBike said...


We are trying this way to communicate. The old forum was taking way too much time cleaning off the spam. For now, the Forum is closed - but it is still hidden in the web site - easy to re-open if we need to.


MG said...

Thanks for the invite to post. BTW, I've been through Wilderness the past couple of nights. There are a few wet spots to navigate around, but overall, it's ridable and fun, just watch out for thorns. Tubeless with sealant is the hot setup right now, it seems. We had a couple of guys with multiple flats on the Tuesday night ride...

Hope to see lots of you down at Landahl Saturday...