Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sun Apr 6 - Tranquility Trailday

13:00 - 15:00 or so.

Rode Tranquility for the first time since last November. Not in too bad a shape. See some have cleared down trees already.

Work list:
- clean up trash - adjacent fort st and feeder creek are the main trash collectors.
- armor mud hole on north creek trail just sw of current armoring.
- clear wooded trails of eye pokers.
- use hula hoe's to take off outer edge of sunken singletrack
- divert water from downhill drop on prairie hill
- divert water off abandoned trail at ice rink
- install trailmarking posts

Bring bike and shoes for a post work lap to enjoy the fruit of our labors.

Though not necessary, please reply if you plan to help.

Thanks, Dale - interim tranquility trail leader


buconine said...

we'll see ya there Dale. Anything i need to bring?

dale said...


suggested work clothing:
- gloves
- hat
- long pants
- hydration pack
- eye protection
- waterproof boots if cleaning creek

tools if you have them (label yours):
- hula hoe
- foldable saw
- loppers
- mcleod (fire rake)

I will bring:
- water
- sun screen
- deep woods off (tics)
- tools
- trash bags

rg said...


I can help for 2 hours. 1 to 3.


Mark K said...

I will see you there Dale.

NaugaBike said...


Were do you want people to meet? Fort St. Lot? I will plan om making it.


dale said...

thanks all. meet at fort street parking lot.

RF said...

thanks for putting this together Dale. I will have to fly to Detroit that afternoon, need to check on exact time of my flight, but I may be able to come for an hour or two.

Martin has asked me to use GPS to create trail maps and identify proper mile marking sites as well. Of course I'll want to play with my GPS on all the local trails.

dmars said...
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dmars said...

Ill be there Dale.

Rico said...

I'm in......

Tim Wieland said...

I plan on being there Dale.

Also, will be there early for anyone interested in renewing or purchasing a new T.H.O.R. membership.

We'll have T.H.O.R. T-shirts and sweatshirts for sale as well.

T.H.O.R. Annual Membership: $20
T.H.O.R. Hooded Sweatshirt: $25 ($40 w/o membership)
T.H.O.R. T-Shirt: $10 ($15 w/o membership)

See you there!

Familyman said...

The Holmes' family racing team will be there too :)