Wednesday, July 29, 2009

successful trailwork at L&C

Josh came out early at 4:30 and weedwacked the needed areas. Seems someone(s) have been doing some trailwork down there previously so it wasn't in really bad shape. The rest of us took loppers, shears, a shovel, and mclintock and brushed out the trail corridor - removing the bunji sticks on the Neverest reroute, new growth and a lot of suspended dead limbs were also removed.

Had several new faces and we really appreciate their participation in maintaining a trail they ride. Several are THOR members and several are not. Thanks for giving your time and passion Russell, Tyler, Nick, Brett, Joel, Steve, Dale, and Josh! About 17 work hours were put in.

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Martin said...

Wish I would have gotten an email ref the trail day.