Sunday, August 2, 2009

Branched Oak Update

From one of the Trail Leaders,

Area 7 trail continues to grow and the upcoming race should be a 4.5 mile loop. Some of the new sections could use some riding to smooth things out. dont be afraid to ride after some rain, it dries really well and the rain will help smooth things out.

There is a tree down that we have to do something with (anyone good at making a real mellow log stack(it needs to be easy per park manager).

We have been having some trail gremlins tearing down tape and putting our brush piles across the trails.

Please be careful as some of the 4 legged users do not want to follow the directional flow.

Authors comment: WE DONE GUYS!!! 1.5 miles of trail with a very small work force is magnificent. The newer sections people aren't real pleased with right now will be pleased next year once the things groove takes riding and racing. Keep up the great work!

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