Saturday, August 15, 2009

tp reroute for tennis expansion

The city is taking more dirt out for the tennis court expansion. It looks like they are sloping the west side down to court level, so this may be as far west as they go.
They took out about 50 yds of trail but still left the cut and wall rides further down the SouthHill Descent. Looks like those are on the outside edge - will ask if they can leave those since it's outside the court area.

So a short switchback was cut in to link up the trail. This turns left after a slight uphill to scrub off some speed and exit water off the trail. I like going right first and then cut across the old trail to round out the corner more.

After the ground dries, might be a little wall ride action available. But most likely that pile will be flattened on final grading. The trail will be right to the edge of the slope to the courts.

Finally, first vandalism of a sign at TP - camelback/ice loop split.

Misfits are also digging holes in the tread and putting in booby traps - dried out branches stuck in the evergreens and pointing out to the trail - and similar stuff, at the south end of the Ice Loop.

Keep your eyes open out there.

Tranquility Trail Crew

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