Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Manawa Trail Days

The scheduled August trail work is being extended to 2 evenings. We need good turnouts. Both evenings, meet 6pm in parking lot (congregate at the red pick-up or mower).

Planned work: Monday, Aug 10th-

Mow the trail
Trim the trail
Cut and remove any trees in the way
Lop branches
Install new stickers on markers
(Need 1 person to stay until the mower is finished to help return the mower).

Tuesday, Aug 11th-
Complete installation of new stickers on markers
Trim rest of the trail
More lopping
Any other tree cutting
Repair log crossing(s)
Rework habitually wet/muddy area

What to bring:
weed wackers
insect spray
long pants

THOR will provide cold drinks. Lots of works could be done. Tell your friends; help maintain the train.

Please RSVP in the comments for this posting.


RD said...

i'll be there monday night with my wacker

buconine said...

Dale, Paul and I are shooting for Tues eve. We will try and bring a few more...

Anonymous said...

Tyler L., Joel S. and Brett M. will all be there with weed wackers and other equipment Monday, August 10th around 6pm.