Monday, September 21, 2009

good first day of work at manawa

Nice turnout Sunday afternoon for trailwork at Manawa. Steve, Tom, Todd, Angie, Andy, Martin, Paul, and Dale were sawing, moving limbs, lopping, weedwacking, fortifying ttfs for 16 work hours. Steve had put in 4 hrs earlier in the week with the DNR's rider. Thanks guys.

The top of the trail corridor has been raised so nothing should be on the helmet or face. No 2nd Chance still has a 2' diameter tree diagnally through the corridor causing one to duck. I good chunk of trail east of the parking lot was wacked.

Steve said there is still trimming that can be done Monday night around and near the parking lot after a rain. And there is more wacking needed for Tony's Playgound, the Landing, No 2nd Chance, either tonight or Tuesday night.

Steve will be at Manawa at 5 Monday night (tonight). If you can help for an hour or two, that would be greatly appreciated.

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