Saturday, October 10, 2009

calvin crest work and ride

Trailday Sunday, Oct 18
Work: Noon - 3
Pizza: 3
Ride: 3:30 - ?
Drive to end of road and park past building.
The more people to work, the sooner we eat and ride bikes.
A crew carpooling, caravaning from Bike Masters, 129th and Fort. We leave at 11:00.
RSVP or Questions: tpmbtatcoxdotnet

Tools: chainsaw, mcleods, shovels, bikes

After almost two years of surveying, laying out, and building trail, Calvin Crest is one workday away from phase 1 being finished! I went out Friday and walked the trail to get some pics of what needs to be done. I enjoyed the walk immensely and can't wait for VIRGIN RIDE!

Need to bench trail through this ravine - 60'

Need chainsaw operator and crew to remove tree suspended over trail.

Hard climb over roots out of creek bottom. Needs 50' of benching.

Widen trough so rideable or pushable through back-to-back steep ravines.

The trail turns right almost 180. Need to clear branches and shape a berm.

Here are a few other pics to wet your appetite:

Ride along the Platte with the obligatory 100' bluff to ride up or down.

Suspension bridge with lots of verticle movement.

Lots of cedars to smell and limit the mowing.

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