Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's all about us!

It's a THOR weekend, people. We encourage all members to attend and bring friends!

Thursday FUNd raiser. Woot-woot. Bring lots of CASH!
Barleys, 5:15pm, 15th & Cuming. 

Friday - mtb ride with Travis Brown. 
Meet at ped bridge at 12-noon to ride L&C and back. Pray that trail knowledge gives you some kind of an edge. 

Saturday - Adam's Park Grand Opening. 12-2. 
Bring your kids and their bikes. Just under 1/2 mile single track loop that's perfect for the little ones. Local YMCA to have other events going as well. Family fun! 
Hopefully no umbrella necessary!


Kevineb said...

Is the whole course ready to go at Adam's Park, or just the 1/2 mile kids loop?

dale said...

1/2 mile loop.

Kevineb said...

Ok. Thanks.