Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calvin Crest MTB Trail Inaugural Ride this Sunday

This latest map includes the Tower Loop. Color shows the elevation from a deep blue low of 1213' to dark orange high of 1387'. There are also 10' dark isoclinic lines.

Chris, Craig, and I did a recon lap Wednesday evening and the trail is in great shape! Craig and staff put in 60+ hrs of trimming and mcleod work to get the trail ready for the inaugural ride this Sunday at 2pm.

Please be a part of the opening ride and celebration this Sunday and stay for hot dogs and chips afterwards. What the trail needs most is to be ridden. The tread is soft in areas because it hasn't been compacted. The more bikers and laps we put in Sunday, the better the trail will pedal.

Please don't ride before Sunday at 2. Calvin Crest received 2.5" of rain Tuesday morning and there were several climbs we had to push and a wet area along the Platter River. A couple more days of drying will only enhance the riding!

Directions to Calvin Crest.


Iowagriz said...

How did you make the elevation coded map? Very nice and CITA in Des Moines would like to copy.


dale said...

Contact Craig @

Craig said...

I used a program called topofusion. There's a free demo or to purchase is about $40. Then walked the trail with my Garmin and downloaded it. Still figuring out all the program can do.