Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Second Trail Day 18 Sept

Hello all,

Frank has scheduled another trail day for Saturday morning to finish up where we left off. Probably trimmed 60% percent of the total trail and moved some dirt this last Saturday.

Thanks to Butch, Alex and Steve plus Frank and his son this last Saturday.

We'll have some brand new power tools to break in too!

A few areas need some drainage cleaned out and some edges on heavily rutted parts knocked down.

Its pretty sweet.


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Martin said...

Hey Folks,

Small work crew this morning due to the pretty good rains this morning. TL Frank and Son plus Steve J were hard at work when I arrived. Well done guys.

THE TRAIL IS SUPER SATURATED even when I left at 1pm. No sun equals longer dry out time.

I have way too much smoked pulled pork left over, probably 5+lbs.