Saturday, July 5, 2008

more trailwork at calvin creset

Had a group of about 18 Sr High and college Freshmen to work with at Calvin Crest on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fortunately, Martin was able to lead a crew on Tuesday that put in a really nice full bench and treadwork. I worked with a crew of women on another benching project, and Bob the maintenance man led another crew trimming the trail corridor through the cedars. Wednesday, I combined benching crews to finish the chapel trail from the outdoor chapel, down the bluff, connecting with the River Trail and putting in a bench to the suspension bridge. Friday, the cedar crew worked on roofing an A frame cabin, the trail crew benched to the Tuesday work, and then went and cleared about 300' + of trail corridor on the other end of the Cedar Trail. 140 hours of trailwork were put in.

I had a core group of 6 women all three days working McCleods and Pulaskis. We sang songs while grubbing the tread into existance. They learned about sustainable and flowing trail building, and caught a vision for surfing hills on mtb's. Several want to ride the trail when it is finished, and these are people who don't ride bikes.

Below is a pic of the group of volunteers I worked with earlier in June.


dale said...

Hard work and very encouraging sums up working with these "kids". The volunteers have went to camp at Calvin Crest and many are summer counselors there.

Just like it is fun and encouraging to work with mtb'ers who see the need and support trails with their time and sweat, so it is with these who believe in what Calvin Crest provides to the local community and CC's campers.

Martin said...


Dale is building the beginnings of some awesome "New" trail out there in Fremont. Virgin trails for the most part with reuse of some old walking trails and dirt roads. Couple deer trails have proven to be good lines to improve.

He's taking advantage of all the voluteers doing routine up keep of Calvins Crest grounds to build new sustainable trails that will allow the land manager to close down many old improperly built walking trails that are completely washed out.

Probably by this fall all the parts will be connected and the first loop will be completed. Probably the only place where you can ride within 10 feet of the Platte river thru mature forests.