Sunday, October 5, 2008

11 October Swanson Trail Day

Hey Folks,

On behave of Frank the Trail Leader there will be Swanson Trail Day next Saturday starting at 8:30 from the parking lot.

Planned goals for the day:

1. A new trail leading up to the last installed bridge needs to be cut and the straighten leading into the bridge

2. Trail tree root maintenance needs to performed

3. Sections of the trail have grooved to a level where the sides need to be cut down and the dirt packed down into the middle and settle over the winter

4. A bridge needs to be moved from the back of Swanson to replace one of the Red clay pipe crossings up on the hill

5. The trail dip just before starting the downhill needs to be armored

6. Dirt needs to be added to the various tree jumps/log crossings

7. A couple of sign posts need to be replace and marked

8. A clear thick lacquer needs to be painted of the trial markers

Folks need to bring digging tools to this event to help with armoring some of the water crossing areas, bridge movement and repositioning and knocking the evil peddle catchin edges off some of the rutted areas.


buconine said...

Augh, i always have to work on trail days! I am open Sunday if there is leftover work to be finished. I'll gladly bring out the mcleod and shovel and work on the evil pedal eating areas. Please post anything that still needs to be done and i'll do all i can Sunday afternoon.


Martin said...


Not too much you can do as solo.

Frank will probably have another trail day to do some edge maintenance.

Needs to be a little damp to do a good job, soil is rock hard in the sun lit areas right now.

buconine said...

Hey Martin,

I dunno, i swing a mean Let me know when you guys need some help and i'll come join in...


buconine said...

Hey Martin, we need to move a sign post @ Tranq and Dale said you were the man with the tools. Also need a blue sticker for the sign for our new section. Shoot me an email @ cprice24 at cox dot net and we will see what times work for you.