Saturday, October 25, 2008

tranquility transition

We are trying a different leadership model at Tranquility, a trail council composed of 5 people: Greg (leader, point of contact), Chris, Dale, Dave, and Paul. We figured it would take about 5 people to put in as many hours as Doug did. 8-) We hope that getting multiple perspectives and spreading the trail leader workload will have more people understanding trail leadership, improve the user experience, and not burn out trail leaders.

Our first TC meeting was a ride inspecting the trail where we came up with a worklist for a trailday in the near future.

A 100 yd long technical section has been added at the top of the south hill. Chris saw the potential and brought it to fruition. The tread was left rough with short dips to keep the difficulty higher. There are some steep climb/descents and a narrow ridge. Balance and momentum skills are tested. It is only the second blue section at Tranquility. Chris is working on some more fun stuff to be announced after we receive permission from Omaha Parks.

Finally, we decided to assign 11 names to different sections of the trail. We chose fairly intuitive names for ease of memory and to help emergency crews. Paul broke out his crayons and put this map together.

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