Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trail Observation - Caution Note

Below is a report about events that took place at Lake Manawa recently. We are posting this for situational awareness purposes. With the transition of day light to nite time riding these shortening days Please Exercise Caution at our parks both in the trails and at the trail heads.

"This is an automated trail report. Please DO NOT click REPLY or REPLY ALL to this e-mail.
We received a report regarding
Lake Manawa

Where work is needed
Safety IssueMy coworker sent me the following message regarding a visit to Lake Manawa on 11/09/09. I appologize for his writing.
"I went out to Manawa yesterday to do a little mountain biking and when I got there some weirdos just got out of the trails. 3 older guys no helmets and crappy mtb's. They put the bikes in the back of their pickup, then a DNR officer arrived and parked right behind them. I guess there were reports of someone shooting a gun out there and the cop asked if he could search there vehicle. A few minutes later a real police officer drove up and the DNR officer found a handgun on the guy.My girlfriend and i proceeded out on the trails when we saw 3 real odd people walking on the trail and the last person in the group was carrying a handgun."
I thought somebody should know.
- Kevin"

I was a part of a small group ride last night at Lake Manawa and didn't have a single problem except we were running out of batteries and couldn't keep riding through out the nite. It is in SWEET condition right now.

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Jennylynn said...

Oh My Gosh! Thanks for the heads up!