Monday, November 23, 2009

work, play - mostly play

Thanks, Mike, for working, riding, and taking some pics.

Brian, Mike, Todd, Tim, Marie, and myself worked and played, well mostly played. About 1.5 hrs (9 total hrs) work and 3 hrs play. Two laps clockwise and one counter-clockwise. Counter has much more difficult climbing.

Climbed up the Tower bluff, running out of energy and air at the last switchback. Even after catching my breath, legs wouldn't make the last switchback but Todd did. Feel good that the layout is rideable both directions.

With loose dirt and some benching needed, the trail is the most difficult it will be to ride. The loose dirt requires finesse that will disappear with age and compaction.

Most of the trail is less than 5% grade except for the short, steep ups or downs. Similar to Jewell with little undergrowth, just hardwoods. Therefore very little maintenance. Climbing along bluffs like Platte, L&C, and Jewell, but not as steep except for the Tower bluff, terminal velocity in the tight trees like Manawa. Some ttfs require finesse and power, but connected with contour trails for recover time.

The uniqueness from other THOR trails are: the amount of cedar trees; the short, steep Tower bluff; the long, gradual chapel bluff; a swinging bridge; riding along the Platter River; and private property.

Topography, flora, fauna, and land manager rules give each trail a unique personality. We are blessed by our natural resources, and given the limited trailwork volunteers, we should not take for granted the trails we have.

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