Sunday, April 18, 2010

calvin crest trailwork today

Though I told the L&C crew yesterday I would return there this afternoon, I had already committed to Calvin Crest this afternoon.

Sorry for the miscommunication. Those who worked yesterday at L&C, clearing the remainder of the new down trail of brush, including the roots would be a great task if you find yourself there.

Tool of choice: pulaski or pickaxe.

At CC, we have some signage to install and checkover the trail for trees to clear. I plan to be at CC around 13:00.

For the rest of you reading this several days later, never mind. 8-)

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Anonymous said...

Rode CC a couple of times last year and it showed great potential. Well laid out and some really good flow. Anyway we were asked to hold off riding until it "officially opened". Does anyone know the status of CC and how we find out when it's open for riding?