Thursday, April 22, 2010

L&C trailwork report from 4.17,18

Had 22 kids and 4 adults from Teen Serve out Friday morning - about 60hrs of work. They worked hard and were great to work with. Cleared trail corridor of brush, roots, and leaves - guessing about 400' of new trail corridor cut.

Below, this is on neverrest where the new downhill crosses.

This is new down trail at bottom of neverrest just before it connects with the current ridge trail that goes south to the 4 corners.

This is the new up trail from the four corners paralleling the ridge trail and dumping onto the ridge trail just before the left turn downhill and right turn onto neverrest.

On Saturday, another 35 hrs were put in.
Martin, Butch?, and Todd took the saws and 9 hrs of work to cleared out some difficult trees blocking the trail.

Paul, Vince, Dave, Brian, Todd, Corey, and myself benched the trails cleared by the Teen Serve group on Friday. Probably half the downhill trail is done.

Because there is so much trailwork to do on the THOR trails and not enough manpower, we will use the lower part of neverrest and cut in just the top two of five switchbacks for the uphill trail, saving the rest till later this Fall, hopefully.

The current neverrest trail is still 2 way traffic so be careful.

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