Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm going to toot our horn

Going to toot Bike Masters and Bike Masters Cycling Club's horn for purchasing a zero turn mower the trail crew can use at Tranquility.


Sean said...

Saaweeet! Do you draw straws to see who gets to drive it?

buconine said...

oh man, that thing is soooo sweet. Can't wait to see it action after the latest monsoon!

dale said...

Need to move a few logs that are hidden alongside the trail, trim some bushes on the flats, and flag unseen holes to slow down for.

Developing a checklist to run through each time it is used.

Need ear, nose, and eye protection. Mowed two days after previous monsoon and dust kick up by deck from the tread coats Tigger and operator in dust.

It is fun to drive!