Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tread work at Tranquility Saturday, 07-17, 24

Saturdays, July 17 and 24
Meet at Fort St parking lot

Action Items:
- tread work on south half
- clear branches, new growth on north half

Tools: rogue hoes, mcleods, pulaskis, mclintocks, loppers, folding saws

We have tools if you don't.

We will be edging the ruts, changing them from U shaped to V and tamping down excess dirt in bottom of tread. SouthHill climb needs the most work; camelback bypass and SouthHill Descent switchbacks too.

Temperature will be warm, bring water.

For those with time and energy, bring a bike to ride afterwards.

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The Douglas said...

THANK YOU Dale and THOR trail crew for all of your hard work at Tranquility park. What a huge difference your work has made on the trail conditions. I rode 10-laps this weekend and it's looking great! Thanks again for all your hard work.