Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank you THOR Volunteers!

Seriously, people. What other sport on this planet has it's competitors and enthusiasts taking care of the very playground they play in? MTB volunteers have got to be the most selfless and passionate people I have ever met.

Just want to say thank you to Tom Winfield and Steve Dickey for organizing and orchestrating two successful days at Lake Manawa.  A huge shout out to the guys from Extreme Wheels who came out and took care of business.

Steve says: Perfect crew along with perfect weather let 11 workers get a total of 33 hours in to make Manawa ridable in all sections except east sidewider which has two areas and very muddy in a few sections. Use caution if you haven't riden here lately, there is some muddy spots in low areas under leaves.We ended the day with pizza and some even went out for a ride after that. To all who helped get manawa ridable since the last flood you are AWESOME!

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