Saturday, November 20, 2010

tranquility trailday this sunday 11.21

Thank you, Omaha Parks, for approving the trail extension!

Trailday this Sunday noon – 3pm.
Meet north of Fort St in east lot between front and back baseball complexes.
Will work on parallel out and back trails along Big Papio.

I will walk for obstacles, flag, and mow as much trail corridor as possible with Tigger on Saturday.

Work for Sunday:
- Mow tread low on Tigger prepped trail corridor
- Run sod cutters over tread line
- Saw, trim branches in trail corridor along creek
- Weedwack non Tigger tread
- Put in bridges under bridge

Tools provided.

We need 6 or so workers to rsvp in order to rent two sod machines.
- Tigger can prepare the trail corridors on Saturday
- Frost is not in ground already

With bitter cold weather forecasted and trail corridor mowed to ground, frost will set in before another trailday can be run, so as much sod cutting/treadwork must be done this Sunday as possible, or it will have to wait till Spring, in my opinion. If low number of workers are available, will leave sawing/trimming till after frost in order to concentrate on sod cutting tread.

Please let me know if you plan to work on the trail Sunday - tpmbt at cox dot net


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dale said...

Did not rent sod cutter for trailday, we will concentrate on sawing limbs and mowing the trail corridor next to the Big Papio.