Thursday, April 28, 2011

pipe bridges for north tp gullies

Eric donated 10" pvc pipe from his farm. We used 95' for two gully crossings.

Paul and Mike cutting the 5' lengths for the return route.

Chris and Eric working on the upper level.

Eric, Chris, Paul, and Mike on the finished product.

No endos and quick drying for this crossing now.

Dave brought his wheelbarrow to bring some drier dirt over the outbound gully pipe. I expect big rains to overflow these four pipes so take a peak after a heavy rain before bombing through this - the pipes may be bare.

Looking the way you cross outbound.

Fortunate to have a great work crew that lives within a few miles of the trail.Things went pretty quickly - about 10 hours of labor to install.

Mike is really quick at posting his pics and quips:


buconine said...

Gotta give a huge thanks to Eric for all he has done for us this spring. Between the sod cutter, the drainage pipes and just always being there with whatever we need for getting the job done. The new section would have been a ton more work without him.

Also thanks to Dale, Paul, Dave, Dmars, Greg, Mike, Susan and all the others that have given up ride time to make this section happen.

Truly awesome people putting in some major time to give us a better place to ride.

Thanks everyone. You guys rock!

Martin said...

Guys that is awesome. Thanks Eric!