Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is going on at Swanson

You will see quite a number of new flags vicinity of the east side of the Swanson parking lot. The Bellevue Parks Department has asked THOR to create a new trail from the parking lot back to the existing trail head. This has started from the existing trail working our way to the front, we still have to work a few details with the City where the entrance and exits are going to be.

We will be soliciting volunteers for additional trail days to get this opened sometime this summer, keep your ears and eyes open for the announcement. If you have some time you would like to put in at your leisure please feel free to get in there and help open the new corridors where the flags are in the ground. Clip clip clip!


dale said...

Will the kiosk be moved to the new trailhead?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Need some horse power.