Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lake Manawa Clean-up Day

THOR members participated in the annual Lake Manawa Clean-up Day. We joined some 150-200 volunteers picking up trash.

The volunteers were divided into groups. As usual, we worked at the Missouri River Boat Ramp / Mountain Bike Trail area. There were about 25 of us picking up trash in that area.

This was also mushroom hunting season here. We encountered a couple with 2 bags full of trash and 1 bag with 2 mushrooms. They had not come for the clean-up day, just figured they could pick up some while walking. Thanks folks!

The photo here shows the trash the crew picked up in less than 2 hours in the mountain bike trail area. It also gave us a opportunity to survey trail conditions.

There is an new(?) group "Friends of Lake Manawa". We exchanged contact information with them.

The next trail day at Lake Manawa is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9th.

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