Monday, May 11, 2009

tuesday trailday at tranquility

***Postponed b/c of rain***

Tomorrow, May 12, we are having a trailwork day at Tranquility.

Fort St entrance, drive slowly through the farmhouse complex back to the corner with cars. If you are stopped, tell them you are here for the THOR trailwork day.

6-8 pm.

Work list:
1. Mow the south hill climb, ice loop, south hill descent, inner loop and bypass. 2-4 mowers
2. Spray north creek loop, south creek flats, end of north hill descent. 2-4 sprayers
3. Trim branches in nursery, fort st loop, north hill descent - loppers, saws 2-4 people
4. Pick up trash - 2-4 people

RSVP is appreciated, leave as comment here.

Thanks for putting sweat equity into THOR trails!

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buconine said...

Tranq trim is complete! Come ride it monday night for the Bike Masters MNR! Thanks to Dale, Paul and Marc for all their hard work this week!!