Wednesday, March 31, 2010

additional route down nerverest - apr 17

I flagged a route last Fall to remove the 2 way traffic on Neverest, and to bring an entrance and exit onto cement entrance at Lewis and Clark. Hope to have IMBA and other THOR members check out the proposed route while they're here for Adam's Park.

L&C Trailday is Sat. Apr 17, 2010.
Start at 9 am.
Mcleods, loppers, pulaskis to dig out stumps, shovels.

May work Sunday afternoon, Apr 18, if not finished. I am lining up highschool volunteers for Friday morning, Apr 16, to work on the flatter sections.

Proposed trail starts just west of current trail at entrance gate. Go down Neverest west (left) of current trail to flats and up and old trail to current ridge trail to 4 corners and down left and rest of course.

At 4 corners coming back, cut new trail about 10' or so east (left) of ridge trail and hook up to current trail just past southbound traffic. Go down left turn but instead of making hard right onto Neverest, keep momentum going straight and take 4(?) switchbacks to get to the end of the aborted reroute, then finish on current trail to gate.

I've coordinated with Todd, L&C trailleader.

Questions: contact Dale

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