Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tranquility Trail Conditions

***trail update***
Trail should be good to go wed 3/24 barring anymore moisture. Still some soft spots to be careful of but in pretty good shape overall. Get it while it's good!

Walked about 60% of the trail today and it is in amazing shape. Thanks to our dedicated crew for putting in the extra effort in the fall to make sure we wouldn't have any of the drainage issues that we experienced last spring. There are still a few greasy and soft spots to watch out for in the treed section of the trail.

With that said...have at it! With a forecast of sunny and 60 tomorrow, the trail should be in great riding shape by the afternoon. I would advise taking an easy first lap to check out the greasy areas. I didn't get to walk the entire trail, so if you run into any issues please let us know. As always, if we get snow/rain this weekend, the trails will again be un-rideable till they dry out.

Let's get out and ride!!!!!

Tranquility Trail Crew


Mark Berry said...

I don't ride Tranquility, but run it regularly - at least in the non-snow, dry seasons. Am always available to help with trail maintenance - have emailed THOR members but never got an acknowledgement.

buconine said...

Awesome! Always glad to have more help with the trail. Watch the blog for upcoming trail work days. You can reach the tranq crew at tranquility at trailshaveourrespect dot org as well. Hope to see you out on the trail!

dale said...

Apologize if I've dropped the ball on your offer to help. Glad that tp has several runners enjoying the trail.

Like bucconine says, eamil
tranquility at trailshaveourrespect dot org
and you should be hearing back from us soon.

Sean said...

Has anyone been down to Platte River Recently? Anywhere close to ridable?

buconine said...

with as soupy as tranq is right now, i'd say platte has to be out as well. Lots more tree cover down there.

dale said...

I suggest contacting the Platte trail leader (see website contact list) for trail conditions.

Anonymous said...

70s today! my first day back to the trail... see you all tonight!