Monday, March 22, 2010

Mana-Swamp - 2010

Once again, the Missouri River is out of its banks and flooding the Lake Manawa mountain bike trails. When these photos, the word is that the river has crested or is cresting.

From the levee, it looks like post of the trail system is under water.

Parking Lot

East Sidewinder


More photos will be posted on the web site later in the week.


dale said...

I don't remember Manawa flooding the first couple years like it has the last couple.

While the other trails are usually closed because of snow, Manawa is the go-to-place for rideable snow but is down during Spring.

ChrisGardner said...

Wow! We just rode past there from Greenstreet Cycles last night, but we stayed on the paved trails...and the sun was going down. I had no idea it was flooded like this. I am guessing there won't be a TNR out there anytime soon....Chris