Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adams Park I.2

THOR and Activate Omaha held a Trail Day Saturday. Nearly 20 attended to work on the new singletrack at Adams Park in North Omaha.

Kent and Steve were there early. Renting a sod cutter was an awesome idea. Made shorter work on the normal back-breaking work of stripping the sod. (The sod cutting effort was helped by Dale cutting the grass before stripping the sod).

When Tom arrived, Kent and Steve were playing football with some of the neighborhood kids. A couple hours we would have them riding bikes on the new trail.

Once the sod cutter was through, the crew started rolling the sod and hauling it up to the walk. (Parks crews will move it later - they have a spot to use the sod. Don't you love it when a plan comes together!)

The new trail turns around in the woods. The rough corridor was cut. It will take another trail day to complete that section of the trail.

Photos of Adams Park I.2 Trail Day are on Tom's photo site.

At the end of the trail day, local kids and THOR members were riding the new trail which clocks in at about 0.4 mile.


dale said...

With the rain earlier this week softening up the soil for the sod cutter, for the one cutter working well, to the turnout from THOR and Activate Omaha, to Frank and Todd donating the use of their trucks for moving sod; thankful many good things came together so well.

About 45 workhours getting 2.5 times the distance from the initial workday of over 100 workhours.

Having the right tool (sod cutter) paid big dividends on work accomplished, and workers enjoying the work.

dale said...

Thanks Tom for helping and documenting the trailday with pictures!

Ken said...

Very cool indeed.