Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Trail Entrance @ Lewis & Clark

In spite of the early morning shower in N Council Bluffs, the ground was in good shape for trail work. There were 8-10 that showed up to complete the new route replacing Neverrest.

The trail crew got the rhythm - a production line down the trail.

The goal was complete the trail tread in areas that needed benching - on the downhill trail. The downhill trail provides an entrance to replace the chute the was to the right of the Monument.

When done, the crew moved over to the uphill replacing Neverrest. The new uphill trail was named "Super Model" for the curves that replace the straight shot up the hill.

At about noon - right on schedule - the crew headed back to the parking lot.

Last task was to cut open the new entrance of the trail. After that, the crew relaxed over "adult refreshments" and smoked meat.

Now, both of the trail entrance and exit are near the gate to the Monument. Entrance (downhill) is on the left -- Exit (uphill) is on the right.


frankenbike said...

Thanks, Tom for the liquis fortification, and Mitch for the smoked pork butt- perfect recovery combo.Had a few minutes to take a ride so I took a short loop. The new benching was sweet. Just pulls you down the hill. Coming up was just as expected-Supermodel was out of my league. Actually where we all stood around and said "I might puke here" is where I should have grabbed a lower gear-Dale, you're on your own.

dale said...
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dale said...

Thanks for the pics and write-up, Tom.

Just a word of caution, the downroute trail is new and needs a tweak here or there but is rideable.

The uproute still uses the lower half of Neverrest, then take a left and a right to a steep climb up to connect to the stub trail put in a couple years ago, then up to the gate.

There is still a new entrance to the uproute to be built on a future trailday.

We didn't have time to put in signage but will before the next trailday.

Enjoy the ride!