Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swanson Safety Concerns Update

Recent comments on MTB Omaha highlighted a potential safety concern created by trail maintenance.

The problem was addressed this morning by raking off loose sand and gravel that was deposited on the left hand turn around the gully next to the creek. The areas were tamped down and flagged to provide some warning as well.

Too much materal may have been thrown in that area and didn't pack down well and sand and gravel was reported to be causing tire drift and potential slide out conditions. My unintentional mistake.

Please exercise caution in the gully area, all of Swanson Park is still soft and recovering from a long cold winter. Trails appear to be summer hard in many areas but this is only a crust over very damp dirt beneath.


POLOSCAB said...

Very nice.
If the rain holds out ,maybe we can ride that section this weekend.

dale said...

Nice job Martin! Looks like your silk screening is slowing the stream eroding the bank.

Volunteers and professionals make mistakes. Some things work and others don't. Just read a quote of the difference between and amateur and professional - the professional fixes his mistakes faster.

Written communication these days seems to convey heighten emotions. I try to take criticism with the giver's best intentions, or at least how I would have wanted to convey the concern.

Congrats on getting a replacement at Swanson. Trail leaders need rotation or they will burn out.

Thanks also for suggesting the water armoring design at TP. It is working fine and I installed the same design yesterday on the interior prairie descent with the 2' deep rut.