Friday, April 18, 2008

Volunteers needed!

This is a big THOR weekend!

Jesse has plans for trail work on Saturday at Platte and signage on Sunday. Please go out there and help him. If you plan on staying in Omaha on Sunday and still have some energy, come over and help me at Lewis and Clark.

There are 10 down/dead trees that need to be removed, trash needs to be picked up and reroutes need to be looked at (flagged), in that order. I will be going over there at 8am if anyone wants to join me that early that's great. Otherwise come over at 11am and lend a hand, I will either be in the parking lot at 11am or you can listen for the chainsaw and come find me.

Here's our biggest fish that needs to be fried, thanks for helping with scale Martin and Pepper. This is on both south and north bound trails, its a big one.

I will bring a chain saw and some other supplies but if you can come over and have a saw let me know. I can use as much help as I can get.

Khamail will have trash bags and will be picking up trash. She has also offered to make cookies.

Email me to let me know if you can make with or without a saw.

Thank you!

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