Monday, April 28, 2008

tranquility tread work

Doug's been putting in a lot of 3-4 hour days smoothing and widening tread. Chris shaped a bermed corner along the big dirt pile north of the tennis courts and other tread work. Will try to remember to get pics of their work. I widened the narrow, grooved sections north of the west entrance to the evergreens; saw where the water was running off the tread and put in nicks and small grade reversals.

Also cleaned out several drainages so the low areas dry out more quickly after a rain.


Martin said...

Very Nice!

Thanks Doug for your tireless hours out there! Can't wait to see you back out there testing the labor of your efforts!

Gotta be a TNR out there soon!

1by9 said...

A big thanks to Dale, Chris, Paul and everyone helping smooth out Tranquility and those out there riding it in. Your efforts are sooo appreciated and really help the trail improve. Good job everyone!

If I can round up enough Mcleods we may schedual a trail day to bench turns and smooth new sections. Once again, thanks.