Thursday, April 3, 2008


Martin putting the finishing touches on the first signage in TP wednesday. walked the trail with gps to mark milepost locations and scout the trail.

wow, there is a lot of erosion work to be done on the south hill on the interior climb to the trees and back, and on some of the retired trail.

Please bring a shovel, hula hoe, sledge hammer, pulaski/mattock (grub hoe), or wheel barrel for this work.

Doug received an ok from the doctors and will be out to help pick up trash. He already has 60 bags bought. Thankfully, they won't all need to be filled.


rafal said...

will the trail be dry enough to ride afterwards?

dale said...


tobeistobex said...

i have no tools, but will come help!

I look forward to a lot of after work fun at tranquility and want to help get it in shape.


Rico said...

Daughter’s softball tournament schedule went to 1:00. I need to be there.
I am sorry that I will not be able to work on the trail with you guys today.