Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Manawa Trail Work

This week we are trying Thursday evening for trail work. How about giving up your Thursday Night Ride time to help open more trail at Manawa.

Meet at the river boat ramp at 6pm. We will work for about 2 hours. Bring the usual tools -- loppers, hand saws, long pants, bug spray, gloves, etc.

Trail Leader Steve thanks those that have helped clearing the Lake Manawa trails. We are planning to schedule trail work one evening each week.


Don Kuhns said...

Thursday won't work for me, but I definitely want to get out there and make a dent. I've seen just how bad it is. My daughter and I tried to ride there yesterday(it's her favorite trail-no hills) and the devastation is just amazing.

I'm free Sunday and Monday evening. If you guys want to get a group together then, great. If not, I'll probably head out there on my own.

NaugaBike said...


I will give Steve your comments. Please do not work on your own. Steve needs to clear all trail work with DNR.