Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save Manawa!

Okay, so I'm being a little dramatic with the title of this post, but this weekend is THE weekend THOR is hoping to wrap up the major clean up at Lake Manawa.

Trail Leader Dickey is asking for double duty. Here are the details:

Day 1
Friday, August 22
Meet at 5:45 at Trail Head
Work from 6-8pm
Goal: We need to clear a lot of trees and cut them up for future trail features.
Bring: loppers, hand saws and a strong back (those of you who have been approved to use a chain saw, bring it).

Day 2
Saturday, August 23
Meet at 8:30 at Trail Head (grab a bagel and a beverage)
Work from 9-2
Goal: Bench the trail after the rock climb and finish tree removal, pick up any remaining branches
Bring: loppers, hand saws, chain saws, shovels, Mcleods, hoes

If you can only make it for a couple hours, please do so. Most of the work is being done towards the back of the long loop. The warm up loop is all done. So if you arrive later in the morning, take the levy as a means to get you to the east side of the trail quicker or walk the trail backwards. The benching area is towards the beginning of the long loop.

Wear long sleeves and pants. Bug spray is a must. Bring plenty of water but we'll have some on sight as well as gatorade.

Bring your bike.

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NaugaBike said...

Thanks everyone that came out last night and this morning for the trail Day. We got a lot of work done - everything we set out to accomplish.

The trails at Lake Manawa are OPEN!!!